Joey Fatone On Separation Rumors: ‘We’re Still Married’

Posted on August 28th, 2013 at 12:41 pm


 *NSYNC's Joey Fatone is disputing a report in Star magazine.

The tabloid says he 36-year-old boy band member is separated from his wife and high school sweetheart, Kelly Baldwin.

“They pretend Joey is traveling for work, but really he just stays with friends,” the gossip magazine adds that they’re trying to keep their struggles quiet for the sake of daughters, 12-year-old Briahna and three-year-old  Kloey.

 Joey flat out tells omg! Insider, “We’re still married … kids are great.” He, however, did not say whether they are separated or not.

He adds that he just took a long vacation with his wife and kids. Joey, who was on a high from the *NSYNC reunion says, "When you're on top, people try to knock you down."

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