Joanna Krupa: I Picked The Perfect Time To Complain About Sex With Romain

Posted on August 27th, 2013 at 5:58 pm


Two of the hottest Miami housewives are having no sex with their mates?

On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, gorgeous supermodel Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago watch a tennis match and all of the grunting and groaning on the court reminds Joanna of sex!

PICTURES: Joanna Krupa Topless (NSFW)

She asks Romain when the last time they had sex was and he says that he can't remember and she laughs because they don't even have sex anymore. When she asks why, he replies that it's boring and that they need to "spice up the sauce." Joanna suggests that they should go and see a sex therapist and says in her on-camera interview that if anyone is boring it sure isn't her and she goes on to tell us that she has had sex in elevators, private jets and nightclubs so it seems like all Romain has to do is ask.

Joanna writes in her blog, "I will give Romain a lot of props that he took the sex talk and the idea of seeing a therapist very well. I thought he would blow up and leave the tennis match, so I guess I made the right move bringing it up in the middle of the Sharapova match, since I know he has the hots for her and that's probably why he was on his best behavior during our talk."


Another housewife whose husband is equally uninterested in sex is Lisa Hochstein. We see her and her husband Lenny getting ready for bed and Lisa is all dolled up in sexy lingerie and Lenny declares that he is exhausted and must go to sleep. Kind of ironic that Lenny being the plastic surgeon that he is practically designed Lisa from head to toe and now he is more excited at the prospect of going to sleep than having sex with his wife. As Lisa later states at a girl's night out dinner, "When we first met, he was pounding me like a chicken cutlet. Now, not so much."

And another revelation of a different sort by Alexia Echevarria, whose son Peter Rosello has been getting into trouble recently for things like punching a homeless man while recording it all and posting it on Facebook. Alexia reveals that Peter's father (her first husband) was a notorious drug trafficker who was sentenced to 25 years in prison (of which he served four and a half years) when Peter was a baby.


Alexia writes on her blog, "It's really hard to have to talk about something that happened 23 years ago. Something that stirs so many mixed emotions -- happiness, sadness, fear, shame, guilt. Something that no matter how much I tried to hide it, erase it, and forget about it still haunts me today. At the same time, it's uncomfortable to have to speak about my ex-husband, the biological father of my children, after we have been legally divorced for over 17 years." She goes on to write, "Only recently do I realize that it's important for me to talk about it, especially with Peter, because it seems to be bothering him quite a bit since he found out about it through other means, and it's putting a deep burden in our relationship."

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