Jennifer Lopez’s Son Max Breaks His Arm

Posted on August 29th, 2013 at 5:44 pm


Jennifer Lopez's son Max got a big boo boo on his right arm and RumorFix has the pictures to prove it.

It appears the five-year-old broke his arm and the cast is fresh, because we don't see many autographs on it yet.

Max is at an age when accidents happen a lot. Just in April he needed stitches on chin. But being a big boy -- he told his mom the stitching tickled.

On Thursday, he and J-Lo's boyfriend, Casper Smart, went shopping at Foot Locker. Looks like little Max is getting a fresh pair of sneaks to help his healing.


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    1. Marie800 says:

      Aww, poor Max! He doesn’t look happy being with his mom’s boytoy. I bet he would love to be with his dad instead. E

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