Jennifer Aniston Admits Fight To Stay Fit For Stripper Role

Posted on August 2nd, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Jennifer AnnistonBelieve it or not, even Jennifer Aniston has a tough time at the gym just like any normal human being!

The actress and her trainer have been busy the last several months toning up for her role as a stripper in her new movie We're The Millers. But the two had to come up with new and unique ways of working out since knee surgery made it difficult for Aniston to perform a proper work out.

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Aniston explains, "I was doing stuff... I never want to do again, just work-outs that are really, really hard." The A-lister added, "I had knee surgery right before I had to start all this training, so it was doubly hard to do because you had to figure out ways to work-out without using your knees, which is impossible, especially when you're doing, like, deep squats around a pole."

Regardless, RumorFix thinks Jennifer looks absolutely flawless no matter what!

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