Gays Missing From Movies, Says GLAAD

Posted on August 21st, 2013 at 9:29 am


In 2012, the major Hollywood studios released 101 films and only 14 of them had gay characters, GLAAD says in a new report issued Wednesday.

And the gay media watchdog group says when a gay character was in a film -- the character had even less diversity -- most were white males.

“Entertainment media consumers are seeing diversity depicted on the small screen and LGBT-inclusive TV shows have consistently been among the most popular shows with audiences and critics,” spokesman Wilson Cruz said in a press release sent to RumorFix. “By being more inclusive, the Big Six studios can attract an audience that expects to see a diverse cast of characters.”

Universal was the studio with the highest percentage of gay inclusive films. Twentieth Century Fox ranked the lowest with zero gay characters in 15 films. Katy Perry's Part of Me was commended for including openly gay stars Ellen DeGeneres and Jessie J along with Katy's gay makeup artist and stylist. And GLAAD says Skyfall had the highest profile LGBT character played by Javier Bardem, but the reports says his possibly bisexual character "plays into some old cinematic clicehs of bisexual people being duplicitous or unbalanced not to mention a bit of possible effemiphobia."

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