Dr. Mehmet Oz Rescues Two Strangers In One Week

Posted on August 20th, 2013 at 12:48 pm
ozEveryone knows Dr. Mehmet Oz is an expert and handing out great medical advice on TV.  But he’s just as adept to springing to help at the scene of real-life emergencies in person.
The 53-year-old raced to the scene of an accident Tuesday in Manhattan when a woman was struck by a taxi and her leg was severed.
Dr. Oz recounted the story on his Facebook page:

“While in a meeting in our offices near Rockefeller Center, I heard an accident occur on the street below. A taxi driver lost control of his cab and collided with a woman, badly injuring her leg. David Justino (pictured), a plumber from New York, took action, removing his belt and using it as a tourniquet. With the help of NYC first responders, who are the best in the world, the woman was treated and rushed to a local hospital.”

“I applaud the quick thinking and heroic actions of David and the first responders. My prayers are with the victim for a speedy recovery.”

This is the second time in a week the quick acting Doc has played the hero.  He was running in a 5K race in Utah on Saturday when he came to the aid of a man who collapsed next to him.  He recalled in that case:

“One of my fellow runners fell next to me after completing the race. After listening to his heart, we got oxygen on him and transferred 3 bags intravenously; he quickly stabilized at the hospital.  I just saw him and he looks much better.  Ken was lucky. I want you to all remember to stay cool in the heat. Just to be sure, I may jog with Ken for the foreseeable future!”oz1

 Note to selves…if any medical emergency happens and Dr. Oz is nearby, you’ll be in good hands.

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