Did Fox Dump Kris Jenner?

Posted on August 28th, 2013 at 1:20 pm


Rumors were swirling Wednesday afternoon that Fox Television Stations group has decided to officially pull the plug on Kris Jenner's short lived talk show.

The 57-year-old Kardashian matriarch had a six week test run this summer in half a dozen top U.S. TV markets.  If the show did well, it could have led to a full season pick-up.

The ratings were lackluster despite appearances by her famous children and an exclusive interview with daughter Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Kanye West, in which he debuted a photo of her granddaughter North West. The show was, however, a viral hit doing well on YouTube.

Fellow talk show host Ricki Lake fueled the rumors when she tweeted to Kris "@KrisJenner Sorry to hear your show was #cancelled.  Why didn't you talk to me first?  I could have warned you about SB."

The SB she's referring to is Stephen Brown, Executive Vice President of Fox Television Stations. Brown oversees the summer test shows and was in charge of both Kris and Ricki Lake's show.

The Kris Jenner Show just tweeted the rumors are "false."


 And we are told execs haven't even discussed the future of the show yet.

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    1. Just saying says:

      Interesting. Ricki won an award and still git cancelled. It is far superior to anything Kris could come up with. Kris show was like a kardashin commercial. We should be over that crap by now

      • Matthew518 says:

        Did someone tie you up and force you to watch? Just like when Adele and her flab are on TV, I don’t watch, because I can’t stomach the sight of her. This isn’t rocket science. When you say “Ricki”, are you referring to Ricki Lake? LOL. I’m glad one person watches her. The overweight, obnoxious jew has a fan, huh? What award did she win? Ugliest talk show host? Oh wait, you have Oprah, never mind.

    2. gwen0444 . says:

      I heard that she couldn’t get any A list celebs to come on her show. I wonder how Kris J worked being snubbed by the a listers in her mind. I suppose she decided to think that they wouldn’t come on because they are all haters who are jealous of her daughters. The reality is if not for having a family full of tramps willing to sell themselves for fame and money Kris Jenner wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to on her 6 week run. She ran out of family members and the reality of that was no one cares about Scott, Khloe, Kourtney etc. The dolls just wanted to see a pic of the kid and it is no surprise that Kanye obeyed Kris Jenner and showed up on the show. He is now owned by the Kardashians even if he says to himself he isn’t, he definitely is. Anna Weintaub would not even have that trash on the cover f her magazine because she wants to maintain the integrity of Vogue. I have a feeling that Anna will have to cut Kanye loose now that he has become a full fledged Kardashian puppet.

      • Matthew518 says:

        I am glad to see Gwen snuck out of her cave and decided to bash the people she hates so much. Gwen, where did you hear this? Was it National Enquirer? Or was it one of the tabloids that like to bend the truth? Was Beyonce ever on the show? Because I know she’s good friends with Kim. I imagine many simply weren’t asked. Isn’t your favorite tabloid, whichever one you believe, preaching that Kris and Kanye hate one another? Or do you pick and choose what to believe from that filth? It’s funny that you mention Weintaub so often, I have a feeling she’s the only one who’s done that. I know Kim’s been on many magazine covers, you can always single out the one who’s turned her down. Kim doesn’t need Vogue anymore than Adele needs an all-you-can-eat buffet.

        • gwen0444 . says:

          like hell she is good friends with kim. don’t be so naive. She is tolerating kim for the sake of that beaver cheeked loser. I await the day this little relationship blows up and poor Kanye is snorting coke with lamar as they suffer thru the Kardashian spin but make no mistake. Kim is tolerated. As for Kris Jenner show, honestly the only people she could get to co host was ppl like snot disck. You my friend are living in a fantasy world. I don’t think you know anything about anyone and trust me, you will be getting nothing from the kardashians for your misplaced demented loyalty. i wonder some times if you are not that little pocket fag that kim likes to pull out and use to defend her when she gets slammed.

          • Matthew518 says:

            Gwen, I can state for a fact that Kim and Beyonce are friends. This is coming from Beyonce herself. She’s stated as such. This isn’t some media tabloid garbage, it’s the real deal.
            Are you seriously talking about someone with problems? LOL. That’s good, Gwen. I hate certainly celebs, but I don’t go out of my way to look them up, just to complain about them. Maybe it’s the reality that I am more positive than you and don’t want to waste my time complaining about the celebs I hate. We both know, you and your kind are wasting your time. No matter how much you whine and complain about Kim, her career continues. Maybe you should get something more productive to do with your life, which is just about anything.

            • gwen0444 . says:

              first off there is no need to look up a kardashian story. The world is slapped in the face with all their crap everytime we who like to read on celebs log on to the sites. Your right Kim’s career does continue and I have no doubt that all that we say and all that we do does not bother them one iota. Why would it, they are hated all the way to the bank. With that being said, I do not believe that Beyonce is what one would consider a true friend. No matter how rich or how much press their is on the Kardashians the Kardashians are still considered trash. Beyonce is not. Now if you said Miley Cyrus and Kim were besties then you wouldn’t hear a word out of me. That I would believe.

    3. Matthew518 says:

      The radio station that I listen to preached this. That’s the last time I listen to them. LOL. It’s Fox, weren’t they the ones who cancelled Dark Angel, despite great ratings. One of the few shows I’ve actually watched over the years. It tells you what they know. If they do cancel Kris, that would tell me that it was a success, not a failure. The execs on that station aren’t very bright, got to wonder what they’re thinking. I thought her show actually had decent ratings, considering the few markets that aired it. People will claim bad ratings just because they don’t like her, the same ones who claimed Kim’s fame is up five years ago.

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