David Arquette Admits He’s No Longer Sober: “I’m A Drinker, I Drink A Lot”

Posted on August 20th, 2013 at 5:00 am

davidaDavid Arquette has confirmed that he's back to the bottle.

The actor interviewed with Howard Stern on Monday and confirmed that, despite going to rehab for alcohol abuse in 2011, he' back to drinking again. 

Arquette, who was sober for two years and four months after his stint in rehab, told Stern, I'm drinking again … I'm a drinker, I drink a lot," he confessed, adding that he started drinking again because he was  "feeling like I wasn't being that true to myself. I'm a wild man, I do get out of control, I try to keep a cap on it." The actor adds, "I'm a responsible person, I have my daughter three days a week. I'm incredibly responsible. I'm living my life and I'm trying not to hurt people."

As for his reasoning behind his decision to drink again, he says, "I think everyone's on their own journey. I'm tired of everyone judging others … I shut down all my social media because people were being too mean."

Yikes. Thoughts?

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