Corey Feldman Still Has Game

Posted on August 3rd, 2013 at 12:10 pm


Corey Feldman, who turned 42 just a couple of weeks ago, still can make women swoon.

And to prove it, the Stand By Me star took two young ladies to David Arquette's Bootsy Bellows nightclub on Friday night in West Hollywood.

The Goonies star obviously needed an ego boost because he just released a new music video called "Ascension Millennium" that the Huffington Post is calling "the worst music video of all time."

We think that's a little harsh -- judge for yourself.

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    1. Comical says:

      Omg! Only thing that’s worse than the video is his attempt at singing! And what he doing trying to imitate Michael Jackson???!!

      The sound over mix is hiding his terrible voice!

      He should stick to acting, because he can’t sing worth sheep!

    2. Corey 4 ever says:

      I love it! can’t stop singing it….

    3. Guest says:

      He’s “got” what looks like two hookers! Game….I don’t think so. But shame….yeah!

    4. Guest says:

      I think huffington post got it right……not only a bad video, but annoying! He can’t sing at all! And why is he trying to look so angry when he ….for lack of a better word, sings? Grade mark – F

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