Church Of Scientology PO’d At Leah Remini

Posted on August 9th, 2013 at 9:54 am


The Church of Scientology is infuriated that a missing person's report was filed for Shelly Miscavige, wife of controversial Scientology leader David Miscavige and they are blaming actress Leah Remini.
The LAPD told RumorFix that the case is closed and the missing person's report was "unfounded."
Although Leah has kept mum on the subject, she reportedly asked police to investigate the whereabouts of the woman who some say hasn't been seen in public in six years. Leah, who was a member of the church for 30 years, is the highest profile defector and has been very selective about the things she has said about the controversial church.
 But now the church has had enough. In a statement to RumorFix, a spokesman calls the missing person's report "a publicity stunt."
Here is their statement:
"This ill-advised, ludicrous self-promotion and the media inquiries it generated caused an inexcusable distraction for the LAPD in an era when the time and resources of its officers are stretched thin each day. Creating this unnecessary burden for law enforcement was even more irresponsible given the entire episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini, cooked up with unemployed, anti-religious zealots who blog on the fringe of the Internet. Sadly, rather than move on with her life and career, Ms. Remini has aligned herself with a handful of untrustworthy, lunatic tabloid sources who obsessively harass the Church to advance their selfish agendas."

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    1. JeanneBa says:

      This whole episode was nothing but a publicity stunt pure and simple. Clearly Remini’s career was flagging and she looked for a way to bump it up. Well she sure did that, didn’t she, making a specious missing persons report is the latest attempt to keep the notoriety rolling. I pity her, is all I can say.

    2. Real Balls says:

      What is happening here? A has-been TV star is publicly “looking” for a woman she hardly knew and who turns out not only not to be missing but also not wanting to have anything to do with her. That’s how it seems. Under that noise a different agenda can be found:

      A group of sour grapes tries to utilize media and law enforcement to harass the leader of a religious movement, which happens to be doing a lot better since said “grapes” left it. This would almost be comical if the controversy wouldn’t involve the abuse of privacy of hard-working people, the waste of tax funds and the deterioration of credibility of the media. It won’t change the Church of Scientology and its mission to help. To the contrary, it will increase its efforts to expand and reach more people with information about what Scientology is and what it can do for the individual. The Church under the leadership of Mr. Miscavige has opened new facilities almost every month for the last three years and the Church’s international social programs against drug abuse and other social ills are more extensive than they have ever been. THAT’s what this fanatic group of former members is trying to prevent. How painful it must be for them to see how good those are doing who they betrayed and left.

    3. Guest says:

      There are 3 Scientology internet patroller employees posting here, Real Balls, Jeanne, and Geo, although it’s probably just Louanne using 3 sock-puppets, from a Scientology office building.

      • say what says:

        true that. the posts are so obviously from the minions of Scientology. They must stay very busy trying to knock down every critical comment. The internet is HUGE and Scientology cannot use the Jedi mind tricks anymore.
        I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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