Adriana De Moura To Lea Black: True Acts Of Kindess Aren’t Conditional

Posted on August 20th, 2013 at 2:01 pm


It's an epic showdown between two former best friends, Adriana De Moura and Lea Black, on this week's episode of  The Real Housewives of Miami.

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Between watching Lisa Hochstein and her plastic surgeon husband Lenny give their maid Daysy free plastic surgery from head to toe last season to watching Alexia Echevarria get a closet built in her bedroom to resemble a boutique to showcase her thousands of dollars worth of shoes we know these women do not live in reality as we know it.

However, the one who appears to be the most conflicted is Adriana De Moura who is getting a hard time about being busted in her convoluted web of lies regarding her five-year marriage to Frederic Marq.


Lea Black  invites Adriana over to her mansion to try to come to some sort of resolution, but Adriana comes in ready to battle and she is not going to own up to any of her lies. Lea feels the most deceived because they were close friends and their sons are also best buddies. Over the years Lea helped Adriana financially and even helped out when Adriana's young son's school tuition was far behind to the tune of $350,000 (what kind of school do these kids go to?). Lea calmly presents the facts as she has found them, that on Nov 8. 2008 Adriana and Frederic applied for a marriage license and then on Dec 4, 2008 legal documents show that there was indeed a wedding ceremony.

Lea is quick to point out that she would have helped her friend anyway if she knew she was married, however she just feels duped.

Adriana says, "I thought I had a sister in you, but in the end, all I had was a wicked sister, You were planning my demise all along!"


The episode ended with a torrential downpour in full force and Adriana storms off into the rain with no umbrella to call a cab. Regarding the fight, Lea writes in her blog, "And Adriana, bless her heart. A simple, 'Lea I apologize for deceiving you and your friends.' Was that so hard to say? That could have been the end of yet another contrived saga. But instead of accepting responsibility for her actions, she insults me, putting me in a position to defend myself and expose the truth and details that might have otherwise remained unsaid."

Adriana writes about Lea that "True acts of kindness should never be CONDITIONAL and should not be thrown in people's faces keeping tabs on the 'purchases of kindness' she made in the past and gossiping about it to everyone else is also a very unkind attitude."

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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    1. Jennifer says:

      Now tell me I have heard the old hag black was a high class call girl/escort is this true. I believe in her day she way and I find her gross and annoying. What has the United States of American become with trash like this be rubbed in our faces. I watch the show last year but won’t this year because I understand Mama Elsa has been seriously ill and is not on the show this year. My prayers are with Mama Elsa who I really like.

    2. 6jimmy_d9 says:

      Adriana got her lying butt handed to her on a Silver Plater. I’d take 10 Lea Blacks to 1 Adriana Mora any day of the week. I like to know who & what I’m dealing with.

    3. QueenGossip says:

      this isn’t true. Lea pointed out that she collected 350k for Alex’s private schools operating capitol. Mind you, her son attends the same school. I don’t know how she laid that burden at Adriana’s feet, or decided that donating to the operating capitol was a donation to the Adriana fund. More over, Lea knew that Fredric and Adriana shared a life, a home, and Fredric supported her. A marriage certificate didn’t change one detail of Adriana’s fiances. She chose to help Adriana knowing Adriana’s financial condition at the time. A marriage license, certificate, or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t change that.

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