Vicki Gunvalson: Lauri Peterson’s Anger Equals Unjustifiable Lies

Posted on July 9th, 2013 at 3:07 pm


"This is the game of telephone from hell. Now world war three has been created and I feel betrayed" pouts Lauri Peterson on this week's episode of the The Real Housewives of Orange County.

What is even scarier is that the major show down all comes to a head on top of the ski slopes which is a dangerous place for these group of women to collide and try not to throw one another off the mountain!  Lydia McLaughlin plans an "awesome, elegant" weekend for the ladies in her native Canada for some skiing and girl bonding. 

In a hilarious scene, Alexis Bellino stops by fellow Christian Lydia's house before the trip and gifts her with a swarovski crystal studded Bible so the two kindred Jesus lovers will have some protection on this upcoming trip with the crazies.


Upon arriving in Canada, Tamra Barney feels conflicted because now that she and Vicki Gunvalson are back to being friends again (who can keep up with these women's ever changing alliances?)

She feels conflicted about Lauri continuing to spread vicious rumors that she walked in on Vicki having a threesome in a hotel in New Orleans a few years ago. Tamra just doesn't believe the malicious story at all saying in her signature style that "Vicki can barely say the word 'vagina,' she's not going to go down on one."

Tamra feels it is her responsibility to tell Vicki what is being said about her and naturally she comes to this realization on top of the ski mountain for added drama, so she tells Vicki what she heard through the grapevine about Vicki's "personal, sexual past" and she drags Gretchen over on her ski's (who Lauri initially confided the gossip to) to spill the beans on what she heard to Vicki.

Gretchen and Vicki who have no love lost for one another, start hashing it out and Vicki is super pissed and adamantly denies that she has ever had multiple partners, but she does admit a shocking confession that yes, both her and her ex husband Donn had multiple infidelity issues on both sides during their marriage and that is why they separated twice.


Shocking for Vicki after years of denying these rumors to finally admit any wrong doing and quite refreshing! Gretchen feels vindicated after always being accused of being a gold digger and cheating on her wealthy fiance as he lay dying in the hospital.

They scream at each other for a few minutes more until all the ladies ski over and finally Vicki turns her anger on Lauri saying "Not cool Lauri, I have never been with multiple partners in my life, you are disgusting!" Well you are a cheater!" Lauri fires back. "You are not a classy lady!" Vicki yells which is apparently the worst insult imaginable to these ladies who think they are all up there with royalty when it comes to the subject of who has the most class.

And as we see one final scene of the tranquil looking snow and horrified skiers, Vicki screams on top of her lungs, "WE WERE THERE FULLY CLOTHED WATCHING A MOVIE!!! I'M SO MAD!!" and the whole mountain echoes with that shrieking scream.  Vicki writes in her blog, "It's wrong, filled with lies, unjustifiable, and just plain mean what Lauri has been saying about me. It's hard to understand why or how she has chosen to take a reality show as her forum for her anger, but I guess to each it's own."

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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