Troublemaker Lauri Peterson Still Baffles Vicki Gunvalson

Posted on July 16th, 2013 at 8:55 am


The ladies are still in the Canadian winter wonderland and surprisingly no one was thrown off a mountain top while skiing down on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

We pick up where we left off with Vicki Gunvalson defending her honor against Lauri Peterson's accusations about her sexual past. The ladies are getting dressed for dinner and in Lauri's confessional, we hear her say that years ago Vicki leaked a scandalous email about her husband, George, that went viral and this is the reason that she now has it out for Vicki.

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We are prepared for another crazy dinner fight and at first things go rather smoothly, as the ladies are awkwardly enjoying the local wine and dinner cooked by a private chef at the Four Seasons hotel.

Vicki states happily that all she wants out of life is love, family, friends, etc ... and good sex, which she implies she has with Brooks Ayers.


Troublemaker Lauri has to interject a sarcastic comment about how Brooks seems "too good to be true" which leads to Vicki screeching at Lauri to shut her mouth, that she is classless and a liar and then all niceties are off and it's game on!

While Lauri and Vicki are screaming, it's Gretchen Rossi's  turn to get thrown under the bus for instigating all these rumors. Gretchen is still holding on to resentments from five years ago when she came on the show and Vicki barely knew her, yet accused her of being a cheater and gold digger because she was engaged to a much older, wealthy and terminally ill man named Jeff who has since passed away.

Gretchen feels the need to rehash this because she heard through Lauri that Vicki also was cheating on her husband at the time, Donn. Vicki drags Tamra Barney down with her and says Tamra also gossiped about Gretchen's intentions with Jeff. Gretchen still stinging that Vicki and Tamra are new found BFF's again says that she and Tamra already worked past that, which Tamra nervously agrees with.


After more fighting, Vicki gets up and leaves the dinner party and Gretchen is left nursing her wounds and has a sit down with Tamra and asks why her and Vicki are close again. Tamra says that she and Vicki have had a long friendship filled with ups and downs and she just wants to move forward with Vicki. Tamra is also starting to question her friendship with Gretchen because she is starting to see the old side of Gretchen that lies and can't quite be trusted.

Tamra is still reeling from Gretchen's lie that she got offered a part on the television show Malibu Country but politely turned it down to go wedding dress shopping with Tamra and the ladies a few weeks back. Fellow cast member, Heather Dubrow. really did film a guest starring role on Malibu Country and told the ladies that Gretchen's version of events is pure b*llshit.


Tamra and Gretchen awkwardly hug it out but in an ominous way, you know their friendship will never be the same again. Vicki writes in her blog Tuesday, "I was very emotional and sad about the terrible things that Lauri accused me of, without any real facts. Her continued lies just made me again wonder what was her motive to come back with our group? If it was truly because she was hurt seven years ago about a letter I got from George's ex mother in law that I didn't share with her, then she should have dealt with it at that time and not now. We saw each other a few years after that situation and she never addressed it. As far as I was concerned it was done and finished. Ugh! annoying."

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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