The Unholy War Over Alexis Bellino’s Swarovski Crystal Bible

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 at 5:34 pm


Someone needs to go to church!

RumorFix has learned exclusively that two designers are taking credit for Alexis Bellino's Swarovsky crystal Bible that was recently featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

"That's my Bible," says Glitz & Glamr owner Danielle Pascente. But, here's the problem, Alexis told all her friends on Twitter that the Bible on her reality TV show was made by Shelly VanderPoel, the owner of Glitz Bella.

And Shelly is enjoying the press --  she is promoting it this way on her website:

"Just like the one seen recently on your favorite TV show, given from Alexis to Lydia, a gift like this will surely be a treasured item. "


Danielle says she's been making the Bible for five years, but Shelly says she's got Danielle beat -- she's been making hers for seven years.

They both claim they did not copy each other. And, Danielle provided RumorFix with receipts showing that Alexis does own two of her holy books.  "It's a Bible," Danielle tells us exclusively. "You're lying about a Bible -- how bad is that?"

But, Shelly, who is in a partnership with Alexis on several jewelry items, says, "Everything I make is an original design. It's our thing to come up with your favorite product crystallized."

Here are the two Bibles -- the one on the left is Danielle's. Danielle says her pink cross is darker than Shelly's and she says her Bible has a white border around it.


Danielle says, "Look closely at the screen grab -- you'll see the white border and you'll see that the pink cross is darker. It's my Bible!"


While Danielle's argument is convincing, Shelly says she is the original creator of the Swarovski crystal Bible.

Shelly says the idea came out of her head. She explains a friend of her's was dying and wanted a keepsake for her granddaughter -- so she came up with the idea of the crystallized Bible with a pink cross in the center.  But Shelly says she's not going to fight Danielle.  After being overwhelmed with orders for the holy book, she said, "There are enough sales to go around."

Danielle's Bible sells for $95 and Shelly's goes for $120.

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    1. I read my Bible to receive the word. Alexis is disgusting for trying to put a price tag and such vanity on the scriptures.

    2. Debbie Sabbia Scalise says:

      If Danielle provided the receipts how can it even be questionable! That is totally Danielle’s work, no question about it!

    3. BRIANA says:

      Danielle stated that she has receipts, which is proof. Of course Alexis is going to cover for Shelly..Shelly makes everything else for her. But clearly Alexis thinks Danielle’s bible was beautiful, after all..she did buy it;)
      Shelly and Alexis should both go to confession. PATHETIC

    4. Priscilla says:

      LOL Shelly you are NOT the original creator of the bible. I’ve been seeing thebible for much longer than 7 years so get out of here with that crap. I bought my daughter a blinged out bible over ten years ago, so nice try. Taking credit for other people’s work is not going to get you anywhere. I’m siding with Danielle, her argument is definitely convincing. Why wouldn’t Alexis say its Shelly’s if they have worked together in the past on making hats and jewelry?

    5. Zettai says:

      This is tackalicious. Period.

      • Teileigh says:

        Serioulsy. Doesn’t “blinging” out a bible (and then arguing about it) take away from the whole purpose of the bible? Is it just me, or is this completely ridiculous?

    6. linda Vidmar says:

      Hands down it’s Danielle’s. Honestly she the original!! The truth
      always comes to the surface. P.S. My daughter has had hers for years now seeing it was purchased in second grade for her communion. SHE IS NOW ENTERING 5TH GRADE,LOL. Buy from Danielle Honesty and Quality… Can’t ask for more then that!!

    7. Kathleen says:

      I am astonished that another business women, who claims to be
      God-fearing, would have the audacity to STEAL!!! I purchased this bible
      from Danielle in April 2011 for my daughter’s First Holy Communion, and
      I have the pictures to prove it. This is clearly a Glitz and
      Glmr product, and claiming the alternative is a blatant LIE! Glitz and
      Glmr has had this product available for purchase for many years. My
      hope is that Danielle retains legal representation. Talk about selling
      your soul to the devil for a couple of extra bucks! Shameful!!

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