Ryan Seacrest Is Not Dating This Woman

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 at 3:59 pm


Some gossip blogs want Ryan Seacrest to have a girlfriend so badly that they are claiming the American Idol host was on a boat with swimsuit model Dominique Piek.

Perez Hilton wrote this cutesie copy:

“Ryan was recently spotted with his new-ish model girlfriend Dominique Piek, seen wearing a costume piece from the 1918 Tarzan movie a leopard print dress. The pair were docking (ew gross)…their boat (muuuch better) at Club 55 in Saint-Tropez France (named after the Patron Saint of awesome resorts).”


When we first saw this picture a few days ago -- we thought nothing of it. It looked like Ryan was on a boat with a few men and a woman, who isn't even acknowledging him. Later when Ryan gets off the boat, they aren't even walking close to each other.

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But, we checked with a RumorFix source close to Ryan just in case -- and we are told no it's not Dominque. It's actually Janelle Hallier, who is the wife of Ryan's buddy, real estate tycoon Laurence Hallier.

So that's a RUMOR FIXED. As for whether Ryan is dating Dominique -- that's  STILL A RUMOR!

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