Rihanna’s Swedish Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 at 4:20 pm


The people in Sweden aren't as uptight about nudity like we are here in the United States, maybe that's why Rihanna left her hotel with no bra and a see-through mesh top.

PICTURES: Rihanna Wears See-Through Top No Bra

The top is so provocative that we can even tell that she's got a nipple piercing.

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    1. MomsThoughts says:

      I don’t think it is a wardrobe malfunction. I think the US has a brain malfunction. BOOBS….Get over it. EVERYONE HAS NIPPLES. THERE I SAID IT! WHAT IN THE SAM HILL IS THE BIG DEAL! sheeesh.

      • Guest says:

        AGREED! Evolve society! It’s really old school thinking IMO women should not have to hid their breasts because they’re used in a sexual reference! Okay, with that theory we should cover our lips, and any other human part that someone sees as a sexual part of the human body.

        So, if a girl has a very flat chest she can go out in public with no shirt? It’s such a stupid and uneducated mentality that women’s chests need to be covered!

    2. Living Life says:

      What I like about Rihanna is Rihanna is Rihanna. She doesn’t care who likes her or dislikes her she is enjoying life like its her last day. Continue to be you Rihanna but stay away from the gateway drugs. LOL

    3. OMG I have breasts!!! Shocker! says:

      When will society get over the fact that women’s breasts aren’t solely a SEXUAL asset to the human body???! Box sexes have nipples, both sexes have a human body…..people need to stop gawking over the fact women have more fat and glands on their chest as men! Socially there should be no difference between a boy with no shirt on a hot day or a girl with no shirt on a hot day.

      How silly would it be if men had to cover their muscular pec muscles just because they are deemed ‘sexual’? It’s the same concept.

      Where I’m from it’s totally legal for both sexes to go shirtless! Once the novelty of it wears off it would be the norm….and IMO the way it should be!

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