Richie Sambora Touring Europe With His Daughter, Ava — Exclusive

Posted on July 5th, 2013 at 12:17 pm


Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora had promised that he would take his 15-year-old daughter to Europe for their July 5 performance at Hype Park In London.

But as RumorFix reportedly exclusively, Richie and Jon Bon Jovi still haven't settled their differences, so the rocker is not rejoining the band until possibly September.

But Richie didn't want to let beautiful Ava down, so he took her on a European vacation to Paris and Rome -- completely bypassing London.

A close source said, "Richie is really bonding with Ava. He had promised Ava she could go tour with Bon Jovi to Europe, but since that didn't happen he fulfilled his promise and took her to Paris and Rome."

The pair spent July 4th sightseeing at the Vatican and was in Rome on Friday. Richie told RumorFix that he has been on the road with Bon Jovi for 30 years and this is the first time he's had three months off at a time, so he's taking advantage of having quality time with Ava.


The teenage beauty has strikingly similar characteristics to her mom, Heather Locklear.

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Photo Credit: Richie Sambora

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    1. CKNJ says:

      Bon Jovi hasnt toured since 2011, so what was Richies doing in the past 2 years? he shouldve used that time to “bond” with his teenage daughter. The fans are the ones missing out here. We buy tickets to see the entire band, and we dont get to see the entire band.

      • rsfan77 says:

        Richie did record and briefly tour his third solo album last year, but the way he abruptly left this tour makes me think there was some sort of disagreement at the heart of it: How can you get ‘burned out’ after only 20 or so shows? This is the guy that, a couple of tours ago, played numerous shows with a broken shoulder.
        I just think there is more to this story than tour fatigue. If Jon and Richie are having ‘family’ problems, maybe the ‘fatigue’ Richie is alluding to is coming from one too many rounds of not seeing eye-to-eye.

        • redkem1 says:

          Richie did record his 3rd Solo album and did a brief tour. The only thing is that after working hard on that he then had to be ready to reherse and tour the new Bon Jovi Album-What About Now. I expected him to be tired. Jon had eluded early on that Richie had missed some important rehersals, just before tour began. Richie said he didn’t know there was rehersal, but rest of band seemed to know. Then when Richie missed his plane, to the Ottawa gig, I think Jon blew up. Jon is very professional and it was Jon, not Richie, that performed a huge part of the Circle tour, after blowing the ligament in his leg July 9, 2010 and finished show, and in pain would not miss any shows, not to let fans down. He also did the European end of the 2011 Circle tour, with a leg brace because of his knee needing surgery. He had the surgery, in Ireland, they had 5 days off, then he returned to the next show in Germany, at the end of the 5 days and did the rest of the tour. Richie did not have a broken shoulder. He played a couple of shows with a sore shoulder. I love Richie, but him saying he has not had 3 months off in a row, from touring, in 30 years is a lie. I know he has just since 2008. The band took off a year, after New Jersey album. Took off a year after Circle Tour. Took off time after These Days. I do agree that I think Richie was tired/burnt out, after writing, recording and touring his last solo album, then had to work on Bon Jovi album. This is a “family”/band situation. The band has always kept their “dirty laundry” to themselves. I believe they will work it out and Richie will be back in September.

    2. DMG says:

      You left out the part about them NOT fighting and that Richie was simply burnt out.

    3. Mihaela Louise says:

      striking similarities, that’s correct. Just like Steven and Live Tyler. In that case, one is beautiful, one is ugly. While Heather was gorgeous and still looks great at 50+, Ava is a cute next door girl

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