Richie Sambora Solo Track Leaked; What About Bon Jovi? — EXCLUSIVE

Posted on July 30th, 2013 at 8:58 am
A solo track featuring Richie Sambora has been leaked on the Internet making Bon Jovi fans wonder if the guitarist will ever return to the rock band.
The very tenuous relationship between the two rockers is literally "Livin' on a Prayer." Sources tell RumorFix there are no signs of resolution even though Richie wants to return to the band.
A source close to Richie tells RumorFix, "Richie's had enough waiting around for Jon to sort this out." So Richie is working on his new solo tracks, which will be released in the next couple of months.
There is speculation that the lyrics to Richie's solo track "Come Back As Me" are in reference to his rocky relationship with Jon. Judge for yourself:
"What do you want me to say/ I'll tell you anything ya wanna know/ You wanna know abut disappointment/ Baby, I haven't watched that show/ I've been up, I've been down/You seen me crawling with my face on the ground/
This pain/this pride/I carry around like a knife in my side/In site of it all/For all that you see, if I die tomorrow, I'd come back as me"
We're told Richie is shooting a music video for the track soon.

In the meantime, Richie's other venture is flourishing. He has as fashion line with Nikki Lund called Nikki Rich, which just signed a deal with HSN.

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    1. Sambora's Army says:

      Fans who follow Richie on twitter were the first to hear the new song. It is amazing, no matter how you take the lyrics. I am looking forward to more solo tracks. No one has a voice like Richie’s.

      • SamboraSista's says:

        Yes.. My SamboraSista..I was talking to a friend who loves Jon. She went to the NJ concert. After she the concert she agreed that it’s painful to watch him sing, he strains to hit notes. It’s sad. The older songs that we all know the words to are great fun, I tire of the antic’s because they are the same at every show. I was actually bored at one point. No its not the Bon Jovi I know without Richie. If he moves on Bon Jovi wont be the same but great groups separate its out of our control. I was Richie in LA. It was amazing his band is great and the music Richie loves to play. You had to see his face, so alive and happy, he reached out to every person in the audience. I got to meet him again. Such a sweet person to each of us. He loves his fans and you know it. So sincere. Before ppl judge him “know him” listen to Aftermath of the Lowdown and he says you will know him. So true listen to the lyrics.

    2. born2run says:

      I like richie but i didn’t like this kinda Rap.

    3. Michelle Turrell says:

      love it Richie , Jon’s voice needs yours to blend to get Bon Jovi sound we all love and want you back, so its his damn loss, just feel sad for Tico and David 🙂

    4. Anna Lvua says:

      I really hope this doesnt mean no more Bon Jovi. Richie definitely has the talent & song writing skills to go for it himself… but there is no Bon Jovi without Richie – and hopefully JBJ will welcome him on stage! #WeWantSambora

    5. TORIN says:


      • SamboraSista's says:

        Thank you so much..We need more positive realistic comments. Do ppl know that Richie got better reviews on Aftermath of the Lowdown then the WAN CD. Reviewers asked where were all of Richie’s solo’s it didn’t have enough guitar and the best song on the Cd was Richie’s “Everyone Home Leads Home To You”. He sold out his concerts over seas in one day on his own.

        • newikov says:

          How many concerts he sold out? And how many he cancelled because of his problem with throat, mm ?
          How many people attended the shows .. WAN made number 1 album in many countries (including US, btw)

        • DJ says:

          5000 people compared to 30,0000 WOW called me impressed NOT

    6. SamboraSista's says:

      Well, I thought my comment was here but it may have not gone through. On SamborsSunday July 28th (as we call it) we tweeted Richie video’s of our favorite Sambora songs. Richie was enjoying it. Then he said “hey, since your diggin it”, how do you like this one (paraphrasing). He gave us “Come Back as Me”…We were so excited and thrilled..He shared it with us first..the “The Sambora Army” his SamboraSista’s, his Team Sambora”!! We heard it first! It was what we wanted to hear..Finally. We want more, we want a 4th CD..Most of all we want him to be happy. We tweeted to everyone we knew all around the world through group pages and Nikki Rich Street Teams around the globe. It was a truly “glorious day”. Richie is truly a humble man with a beautiful soul and a big heart. Through it all he has been the bigger person never trashing his writing partner. Trying to get back for his fans, only to be denied by the CEO. No calls, nothing. What happened to the “brotherhood”. The song “blood on blood” has no meaning now. He did all he could, he gave 100% but it wasn’t enough. He shouldn’t have to gravel for what he deserves. They won the “Writers Hall of Fame” award together as a team.
      His true and real fans..stood by him all along. Encouraging him to stand tall, don’t let them break you, letting him know we support him and are behind him no matter what.
      Born to Run: Its a little Rap in the beginning I guess. But, it wont be Bon Jovi, its all Richie Sambora, soul, real rock and roll, a lot of guitar..he was making a point. Some ppl just don’t get it. He was trying to get back. Jon was on a TX radio station and they asked and Jon and he said “no” I won’t let him play in NJ. Jon said “I won’t call him and if he calls I won’t pick up the phone”. Who is the bigger person? I wish ppl would do some research low up some interviews. You make comments but you really don’t know what the truth is, not what a reporter says in an article but what Jon and Richie have actually said, on film.

      • newikov says:

        You’re Nikki Lund, right?

        • SamboraSista's says:

          No. Why would you think I was Nikki Lund

        • SamboraSista's says:

          Okay You asked..this is what I mean by getting the information before you make comments…THE ONLY REASON RICHIE HAD TO CANCEL HIS TOUR WAS..BEAUSE SOME STUPID GIRL HAD TO KISS AND HUG HIM KNOWING SHE WAS ILL. THANK YOU!!! AND THE STUPID ALBUM WAS NUMBER FOR GET THIS…ONE WEEK IN THE US. looks like the only reason it was Number one was because the cover was interesting. There were no Number 1 songs for that cd in the US. I dont know about over sea’s. Now the Circle Jon took his time with one song it was out for a while and later the tour started. And, all was right. Funny how Richie went on his tour got good reviews and then all of a sudden Jon wants to get his cd out and start the tour asap. Reviews weren’t as good as Richies. Funny how after Richie left the BonJovi camp kept telling you that tickets sales were so good. When we know they weren’t he kept telling his fans that because so many ppl over seas were asking for refunds. So many that they put a cap on it. Hyde Park was not as full as they want you to think. I dont remember if it was Olso or not but at one date Jons promotor said they went to a smaller venue because Jon wanted a more intimate show..Get real. not enough tickets were sold. And, in WWWB Jon said ” I want to play big stadiums..and I want to play them twice! Playing intimate is more Richies thing. He likes to be with his fans. He just wants to play. And, No I am not the beautiful Nikki Lund. Wish I was. I am one of many Richie Sambora Fans that will defend him and Nikki no matter what because we believe in them. the are both beautiful souls.

          • Angie Gatfield says:

            No, he had very poor ticket sales in the US

          • DJ says:

            Sorry but I don’t where you get your info but Richie’s albums have NEVER hit the charts in the US nor has it ever gotten good reviews, didn’t even make the top 100 where as Jon’s solo albums have and stay there. He has been asked to write for soundtracks, wins awards for his songs and nominations that speaks volumes for Jon’s work, Jon has the charisma and the showmanship to make the band work, Richie is one of the best guitarist but as a soloist and trying to write songs on his own, just has not worked yet, probably never well his last 3 albums have shown it.

    7. Jean Heath says:

      First, Richies new apparent PR people tweeted this, he acknowledged,.I would never consider that leaked. Nikki tweets, Sean tweets, her brothers, by reliable accounts, you tube – that is not a leak since RS himself is pictured all over the place with at least 2 of them. Then the real kick in the teeth to fans intelligence was SBorg trying to say that it was leaked by someone in the studio. He was sharing all over fb one day prior. RumorFix – instead of a yes it’s true, need a maybe. Yes, it is out there but shared NOT leaked. I personally like it, but I’d follow Richie to the bathroom and listen to him sing the phone book. Not a very neutral judge. I love him solo but also hoped he and BJ would work out whatever this is. They have been so strong together too long.

    8. Pedro Rosvill says:

      There’s more talent in Richie by his own road.

      • Angie Gatfield says:

        Hes a great vocalist, a great guitar player, but sometimes – his writing just isnt up to scratch. Which is why hes never had a great solo career. Im a big Sambora fan, saw him in Shepherds Bush last year and he was beyond amazing. But Stranger, and US dont match up to Destination ANywhere lyrically. Even Aftermath which is by far his best only has 3 or 4 great songs on there, some OK and the rest I just skip.
        Fact of the matter is, he is too old to start again as a solo artist. He will never do more than sell out small venues (which he couldnt even do in the US!) his looks are going, so he wont appeal to the mas market of new fans in their 20s. HE might garner a handfull of new ones, and he’ll always have his old fans – but if he goes solo. HE’ll never fill a stadium alone.

        There were ober 70000 people in Slane, 100000 in Hyde park and you couldnt fit a match stick in Villa Park…he just cant to that alone

    9. Angie Gatfield says:

      I love Richies but a/ this song is god damned awful, he has a great voice. Why ruin it with the synth? and b/ This was written years ago – he was just treating the fans on twitter to something never heard before as a thank you to “Sambora Sunday”

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