Richie Sambora Signs Deal With HSN — Exclusive

Posted on July 13th, 2013 at 6:53 am


While Richie Sambora has been on hiatus from Bon Jovi, he's been spending quality time with his daughter and working out some big business deals with his fashion line, Nikki Rich, where he partnered with fashion designer Nikki Lund.

And, he's enjoying tremendous success.

Nikki tells RumorFix exclusively, "We just closed a deal with HSN and we're doing Shop Japan."

Richie tells us his vision is to blend art, music and fashion. Nikki says, "We're going to be distributing music on the clothes." She says each piece of clothing will have an authorization code for music that you can download from your computer. And, Richie says he wants to encourage artists to create designs that they can also use on their fashions.

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    1. Steph says:

      No one wants that music they did it before Nikki sings dance crap we want Richie’s amazing blues rock not club music.

    2. Jean Heath says:

      I’ve look at the line for some time and like so many “celeb” designers – it’s not made for women in the real world. Too skinny Hollywoodish, don’t know how to really explain it. A bit slutty and Women aren’t selling “that”, attention mongers and sadly teens maybe. Unless they real world it a bit, I don’t see a market in a large scale, especially HSN style of shopping. (IE: camisole with a crotch zipper?, ouch) She strikes me as typical wanna be riding coat tales and that is a poor image – Sambora can jam – but could see a sexy jacket and good fitting denim, touch of leather here and there flare with a touch of trash but that would be the week end date night – not going to work in that. Everyones taste is diff, but …. we will see. For his sake, I really wanted/want to like it.

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