Photographer In Kanye West Clash Identified — Exclusive

Posted on July 19th, 2013 at 5:06 pm



RumorFix has learned the identity of the photographer who Kanye West clashed with on Friday at LAX.

Daniel Ramos, who goes by “Dano,” is a member of the actor’s union SAG/AFTRA and the Directors Guild of America.

PICTURES: Kanye Tussles With Photographer

He was freelancing on Friday when he began asking Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy why he won’t let photographers ask him questions. Kanye then lunged at him and tried to grab his camera.  In the process, it appears he may have put the camera man in a headlock. An eyewitness says Dano twisted his ankle and was rushed to the hospital.

He’s contemplating pressing charges.

Daniel, who was born in Texas, has lived in LA for the last decade and has done acting on shows like General Hospital and served as assistant to the director on the film 8 Seconds. He owns his own production company, Drop Zone Films.

And he’s won a New York International Film and Video Festival award for his film: Paparazzi: Full Throttle.

Look’s like he’s got the makings of a sequel.

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