Paula Deen Loudly Booed By Audience!!

Posted on July 10th, 2013 at 10:00 am

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She wasn't even in the room, but when Paula Deen's name was floated around by talk show host Wendy Williams as a rumored contestent in next season's Dancing With The Stars, Wendy's studio audience vehemently rejected Deen with a round of boos.

Wendy was noticeably stunned by the audience's reaction.

When she then asked the audience to clap if they were in favor of Paula Deen, the silence was deafening with the exception of three or four fans of the southern cook.

RUMORS of the Paul Deen joining DWTS seem incredible, though ABC will not comment on cast speculation.

The embattled Food Network star has remained in hiding ever since defending herself against claims of racism on the Today show two weeks ago.

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    1. Janelle says:

      hahah I guarantee the producers held up booing cards in front of the audience

    2. Jan says:

      Obozo attends a racist church for YEARS before the Whitehouse,lies on a daily basis -but skewer this women for calling a spae a spade! LOVE YOU PAULA!!!

      • shimie says:

        Calling a spade a spade…. do you really think Ms. Deen would approve of what you just typed. Doubt it. You seriously not helping.

    3. Who's the racist? says:

      how many times have whites been called cracker/gringo or worse and you sure don’t hear us hollering! I dont think its right to call anybody names ever but this was in the past and i don’t believe we should crucify someone over it! and they have black history month..can only imagine what riots we would have if there was a white history month!

      • You are.. says:

        really…really? lol are you serious? That word stems from the torture of black people; so when a white person says it in a derogatory way it is insulting. White people being called ‘cracker’ is usually a joke bc it does not stem from anything and is rarely even said except in like a movie.

        • Get real says:

          What she said was wrong, but EVERYONE needs to make the change. As you said, it stems from the torture of black people.. So why is it acceptable for black people to call each other that?? It should be wrong all around, not just wrong because she’s white.
          Being called a ‘cracker’ isn’t a joke.. I actually can’t believe you said that haha. If someone turned around said just forgive her! She was joking.. That would not be and shouldn’t be ok.
          ‘Cracker’ isn’t the same as the N word, but it’s still a derogatory word that is meant just that way, to insult and put down another person most of the time

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