Momma Dee To Wendy Williams: You Forgot Where You Came From — Exclusive

Posted on July 16th, 2013 at 1:29 pm


One of the stars  of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is fuming because talk show host Wendy Williams recently said, "The show makes me embarrassed to be black."

Momma Dee, who is Lil' Scrappy's mom, came to RumorFix to vent.

"Get the Hell off," she says to Wendy through RumorFix, "You don't know us b*tch."

The outspoken mom is upset that Wendy has had some Real Housewives on her daytime show, but refuses to invite Momma Dee and her co-stars. "If you had us on the show you could get to know us," she says. "You can fake and taint what you want -- if you took time to have the cast on your show you'd know."

In our explosive interview, Momma Dee chastised Wendy saying, "A cracker paid you to do your own show and you're going to belittle us ... Wendy you forgot where you came from!"

To be fair, Wendy admitted she is "fascinated" by the VH1 reality show, but doesn't think the stars of the show represent all African-Americans.

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    1. quest says:

      A cracker??? that’s racist, if white people where to refer to African Americans anything other then black are African American they would catch all kinds of hell. why is it okay either way?

    2. misty says:

      Paula Deen got into all kinds of hell for the saying a racist slur, but it’s ok for this lady to refer to white people as “cracker”? So many double standards in the world. Sad.

    3. whatever says:

      mama whatever her name is does not represent anyone but herself. I feel so sorry for her son who does not know any better cause mamma never cracked a book. this lady needs to go away and stay away shame on her for making women in general look like fools

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