Miley Cyrus Releases Racy Director’s Cut of We Can’t Stop Video

Posted on July 30th, 2013 at 9:12 am

miley22Miley Cyrus has gone on the record saying that her hit We Can't Stop video was watered down to appeal to a more mass audience.  But now she's got her way and has released a director's cut video that she feels reflects the song more than her original version.

In the new video, she's still featured twerking, writhing around on a mattress and sticking her tongue out at all opportunities.

The original video set a record for being the fastest to reach 100 million views on Vevo. and Miley released the new version to celebrate the milestone.

At nearly 4 minutes long it features scenes of her holding a karaoke party wearing a pair of skimpy black shorts and a midriff-baring shirt.  But she still sings about her love for Molly (MDMA) and staying up all night to party

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