Liberace’s Ex-Lover Scott Thorson Escapes Jail Time

Posted on July 17th, 2013 at 1:35 pm

thorsonLiberace's former lover Scott Thorson -- played brilliantly by Matt Damon in the HBO biopic Behind The Candelabra -- has dodged up to 20 years in jail thanks to a sympathetic judge, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

Thorson pled guilty to charges of burglary and identity theft in connection with using some stolen credit cards in Reno, Nevada earlier this year.

Scott and his attorney David Houston were successful Wednesday convincing the court to give him a final opportunity on probation.  Specifically, the judge advised Scott if he were to violate probation he will be back in front of the same judge who informed him he "most certainly did not want that experience."  The sentencing guidelines could have sent Scott to jail for up to 20 years.

Both sentences were suspended in favor of five years probation.  According to Houston, "The court was very concerned about the drug problem and wants Scott in a solid program to make certain Scott does not re-offend."

Houston went on to add that both he and the judge agreed that "The final chapter of Scott's life has yet to be written and it is clearly at this time up to him.  We were heartened by the Courts response and the Courts belief Scott was entitled to one more chance."

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He also noted that "clearly, the remaining portion is up to Scott, but we are encouraged by everything he has accomplished thus far."

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