Lauri Peterson: I Have NO Personal Vendetta Against Vicki Gunvalson — EXCLUSIVE

Posted on July 18th, 2013 at 5:15 am


The Real Housewife of Orange County's Lauri Waring Peterson, who was on the show for the first four seasons, has made a controversial reemergence on the show this season. And while most of her on-air conflicts are with RHOOC veteran Vicki Gunvalson, she tells RumorFix exclusively, "I have no personal vendetta against Vicki."

During the past two weeks of the reality show, Lauri, who alleged that Vicki had a three way with another man and woman, has been labeled a trouble maker and desperate for attention and fame.

"Coming back on the show was strictly just to have fun with the women," Lauri tells our Real Mr. Housewife. "I had no idea that Gretchen [Rossi] would bring up what she brought. You have to remember that when you’re doing a reality show, my conversation with Gretchen was about a two-hour conversation that ended up getting ten minutes of the conversation that ended up on air. Of course they’re going to use the most dramatic parts.”

Lauri tells us that she and Gretchen dished about all the women, but producers only used the part about Vicki.  "I do feel like there was some hypocrisy and I wanted to let Gretchen know that Vicki was the last person who should make an issue of infidelity. That was my point. Vicki has come out and admitted to cheating on Donn, so that whole personal vendetta -- there is no vendetta. I’m just being honest and truthful,” she tells RumorFix.

Lauri says her issues with Vicki go back to Season Two when Lauri was working with Vicki and they confided in each other. Lauri says Vicki crossed the line by talking to George's ex mother-in-law behind her back. At the time she was having problems with George's ex wife (which resulted in a five year restraining order against her).

"Who talks to an ex spouse or mother in law when you’re a friend?" Lauri asks "She never mentioned anything. The very next day all of the Housewives had to go do some Bravo public relations things. Jeana Keough [a former Housewife] came to me and said, 'Just to let you know, Vicki has an email from George’s ex mother in law and she has sent that email everywhere. Just so you know, she has sent it to several people. Those people are spreading it out and it’s going viral.' I was very upset ... A true friend would not have given this woman her email address to then accept an email which was twelve pages long of slanderous material -- just all untrue, fabricated lies. To take that email and send it to everybody but me? That defined our relationship at that moment. We were not friends and I realized that.”

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    1. Sasha Pierre says:

      Lauri you are full of shiit. You state “you were not friends” with Vicki….YET after that so called email you invited her to ur wedding. You saw her multiple times thereafter and made zero stink about it UNTIL seven years later when make a cameo on the show and make disgusting remarks ON CAMERA about Vicki.
      Regardless if Vicki did not tell u rght away about the email…Vicks didn’t go to the press and sell u out to the media. Vickie didn’t not even bring this up on camera to humiliate u. She told ONE mutual friend to ask for advice. No one even knew about this in the public until U brought it up on camera Lauri. I think what u r doing to get yourself back on full time on this show is beyond pathetic ad desparate. Your constant retweets about getting backon the show screams desperation. Karma is a biatch Lauri and it will be reeling its ugly head ur way soon.

      • disqus_CNu4R1Jygt says:

        You’re the idiot in the room. Vicki had no business spreading it around to anyone else, her plan was to send it to others in hope they would forward it to the media therefore taking her out of the picture as the one that sold it or presented it to them. Laurie has a right to be upset because it was about her soon to be husband and that affects her.

        • - N says:

          Nope, Sasha was right. YOU’RE the idiot. This is a reality show and this apparently happened off camera. Lauri brought up lies ON CAMERA to attack her former friend. Vicki never brought this up, Lauri did, and she’s just pissed her terrible plan backfired.

    2. truthteller says:

      That email never went viral, not until now when YOU brought it up Lauri. Just today you accused Vicki of working with George’s ex to hurt you? How has she hurt YOU. Seems to me you married George anyway, seems to me according to you, you live a fairytale life, so where did she harm you? YOU are the one maligning her character. Vicki helped you when you were down after your divorce. You seem to have forgotten that. Maybe you should spend a bit more time working on your messed up kids, and your messed up life. You are a sick, sadistic individual who lies, and threw your own kid under the bus for five minutes of fame (Josh). Where is your granddaughter from Josh? How is Josh doing now? Bet you dont want to answer those questions do you? I feel dirty even seeing you on my TV screen.

    3. - N says:

      Show me the email if it went “viral.” I can’t believe Lauri is taking no blame in this. Go away, no one wants to watch you!

    4. Karma says:

      Looks like George’s ex found her way to this website! Truthteller Gina and Gina “Sasha Pierre”. You should tell people why you lost custody of 4 children and why your grandchildren were taken away from you…….

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