Justin Bieber poses with Stanley Cup And Hockey Fans Outraged

Posted on July 10th, 2013 at 7:53 am

biebThe NHL's Stanley Cup is one of the most revered trophy's in all of sports.  This year the cup is in the hands of the winning Chicago Blackhawks.  And per tradition, the cup stays in the hands of the winning team in the off season.

But one Blackhawks executive has caused a firestorm by posting a Twit-pic of Justin Bieber ... a Canadian! ... next to the cup with a customized 'Hawks jersey with Justin's name on it.   Peter Hassen, who is the Senior Director of Market Development and Community Affairs for the Chicago Blackhawks posted the pic with the comment "the Biebs meets THE CUP!!!"

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The Baby singer was in Chicago last night to perform at the United Center and apparently got a V.I.P. treatment with the coveted trophy.  But hockey fans are NOT amused.  Here's a brief sampling of some of the Twittersphere outrage:

- Justin Bieber has touched Lord Stanley's cup. Retweet if you cried ;(

- Justin Bieber touching the Stanley Cup and standing on the Blackhawks logo is a disgrace to society

- Is someone washing the cup after this?

- Justin Bieber got his hands on the Stanley Cup. DON'T TOUCH IF YOU HAVEN'T EARNED IT

And the Biebs committed yet another sin by standing on the Blackhawks logo in the locker room. 

For those unfamiliar, no one – not even a member of the team – is allowed to step on the Indian head out of respect for the logo. Any media member who even comes close to stepping on the logo is aggressively chastised by Blackhawks players and personnel.

Apparently either the Biebs didn't know that or he's just that special!biebs2

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    1. Jimmy Fun says:

      I would rather watch Hayden Panettiere posing with the cup.

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