Josh Hutcherson The New Anthony Weiner?

Posted on July 30th, 2013 at 5:29 pm
Still A Rumor


Is Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson the new Anthony Weiner?

A website is claiming that the Catching Fire star used the pseudonym "Connor" (not Carlos Danger) while on an Internet dating site and allegedly sent girls naked pictures and videos.

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Life of the Rich And Famous  posted a headless torso picture showing a penis and a shirtless picture with fans claiming the pictures taken between 2010-2011 "clearly depict his tattoo."

It's not that CLEAR to us, because this was long before Josh got his famous "anchor tattoo."

The nude picture does show a tattoo near his pubic bone, and the fan photo provided by the website also appears shows some kind of tattoo, but we couldn't find that tattoo anywhere else.



We've reached out to Josh's publicist for comment, so far no word. And, Josh hasn't made any mention of the scandal on his Twitter account.

    • Jake

      Isn’t the anchor tattoo on his left side? the picture shows only the right side so it could be there, right?

      • Liceana

        Did you read the article? It was BEFORE the tatoos

        • DesertKitsune

          Did you read the question? Regardless of whether this is before or after he got the anchor tattoo the nude picture is on the RIGHT side in the mirror and the tattoo, supposedly, showing in the second pic is on the LEFT side. Helps to learn your directions.

    • myself

      JOsh: the archor and the sentence are on the same side of his body…. and the sentence is written downward. the fake pick is completely wrong….. and the foot is wierd…. completely fake!

      • Liceana

        The picture was taked before the archor tatoo and it’s downward because he toke the photo in front of a mirror

    • Rhian

      The naked pic has a tatoo on the pelvic bone. Josh doesn’t seem to have any tatoos on that area. It’s definitely not him.

      • Liceana

        the 2nd picture show the tatoo in his pelvic bone

        • DesertKitsune

          Yes, but even if there actually is a tattoo it’s clearly on the wrong side from that naked pic. It was taken in the mirror with him facing right, which means that it was his right that had the tattoo. The second pic shows what MIGHT be a tattoo on his LEFT side.

          Plus the tattoo is too far over towards the hip that it doesn’t line up with where a tattoo MIGHT be in the second pic.

          • Unknown

            Wrong bit on the mirror. But the tattoo is too far onto the hip bone. And if this was before the anchor tattoo, where is it now?

        • ryguy
    • I luv Joshy!!

      Man all the things ppl will make up to get attention. And it doesnt even look like him!Josh is not some sicko who would post pics of himself naked and make a video of him fucking!! Ok josh has classand u ASSHOLES SHOULD GET A LIFE!!