Jennifer Aniston Shines Her Radiant Beauty Over Gloomy NYC

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 at 9:57 am

Jennifer Aniston on set in New York City

What is it about Jennifer Aniston?! The girl could roll out of bed and walk straight out the door, and still looking simply stunning!

RumorFix just got in these brand spankin' new photos of the actress looking effortlessly fabulous as always while sporting a laid back look of cargo shorts and a fitted white tank.

PICTURES: Jennifer Aniston Looking Flawless In NYC

The A-Lister never fails to radiate beauty with her simple and girl next door style.

Aniston is in New York City filming her new movie Squirrel To The Nuts.

We love Jen!

  • 4 Responses

    1. LL810 says:

      Stunning? Not.

    2. JJ1814 says:

      Wow she looks great for 44 or for any age. Good on her.

    3. jaden says:

      I don’t see it she is just okay. All of her movies are boring and not funny. Maybe people just feel sorry for her.

    4. Chaney says:

      Yeah, yeah, yeah…she’s the next coming of Lucille Ball. Let’s all bow down and worship. Get real. She’s a 44 year old celeb who looks good due to time, money, low stress, and treatments. Some women do it with kids in tow, full time jobs, loads of stress and on a shoestring budget. That’s way more impressive in my book.

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