Jason Derulo Cheating On Jordin Sparks With Kim Kardashian’s Former Homewrecker?

Posted on July 29th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

jasondOn the heels of a scandalous rumor that he's cheating on his girlfriend Jordin Sparks, Jason Derulo opened up about his undying love and sheer appreciation for the American Idol winner.

Last Tuesday MediaTakeOut.com claimed that Derulo hooked up with recording artist Carmen Ortega (the woman who Kim Kardashian's ex-BF Reggie Bush cheated on her with) during a night together at the W Hotel. The gossip blog even included a photo (shown below) of Derulo and Ortego walking together, alleging the flick was pure proof of an affair.

Seeing how much in love they are, RumorFix had a hard time believing that the chart-topping couple was headed for disaster over Derulo's alerted infidelity.

And just days after the viscous report, the hunky singer sat down with Access Hollywood to talk up his relationship with Sparks. Derulo opened up about "one simple rule" he has to keep the sparks with Sparks alive.

“We have this two-week rule, which is amazing,” Jason told Access Hollywood Live, “We never let two weeks pass by without seeing each other and that really works for us.”

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And although he revealed that they're not engaged yet, he hinted that it might not be too far off into the future, as his whole family is rooting for a proposal. “My grandmother is 91 and listen to what she tells me, she says, ‘My only wish before I die is to see you and Jordin get married,’” Derulo said, adding, "My mother is in absolute love with Jordin."

Jason ended to interview revealing what really made him fall for Jordin, explaining that, following his 2012 neck injury, Jordin was by side during the ordeal. “She was awesome actually. That was the time period where we really got close. Beforehand, I wasn’t really looking for a relationship,” Derulo told the network, “She literally stopped everything that she was doing and flew down to Miami and took care of me, it was amazing.”

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All that being said, Jason and Jordin are clearly the perfect couple.

RumorFix stamps MTO's cheating scandal story with a big fat Bull S***!


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      Hopefully he didn’t cheat on Jordan. They make a good couple.

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