James Gandolfini’s Ex Fiancee: We Were Not Getting Back Together

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 at 9:22 am
Although there are rumors that James Gandolfini wanted to end his marriage and get back together with his ex, RumorFix is giving this rumor a fix.
The National Enquirer claims The Sopranos star wanted to get together with his ex fiancee, Lora Somoza, but she wasn't interested and that began his downward spiral which ended in his death at the age of 51.
Lora says that's not true!
In fact, she spoke to him two weeks before he died and she tells Inside Edition, "I got to congratulate him on his new baby girl and he sounded really good. I'm glad to have the most recent memory of mine with him on something that sounded very positive. I was happy that he felt like had found a woman in his life that made him happy and he was in a good place. We were friends and we were going to stay friends. He was happily married an I am happily with somebody."

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