Interview With Photographer In Kanye West Attack

Posted on July 20th, 2013 at 7:50 am

Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX

An archive video interview with the photographer in the Friday's Kanye West attack has been unearthed by RumorFix and it reveals Daniel "Dano" Ramos thinks "paparazzi are now the celebrities just as well as the celebrities."

And, Dano should know.

Not only was the SAG/AFTRA actor/director/producer in the center of a clash with Kanye at LAX, he was also the paparazzo who was attacked by Britney Spears with an umbrella in 2007.

PICTURES: Kanye Attacks Photographer

In 2010, the paparazzi turned filmmaker won a New York International Independent Film award for his documentary, Paparazzi: Full Throttle LA.

And, he even pitched a TV show called Paps. "It's like the TV show Cops following police officers -- in this case we'll be following paparazzi doing what they do best," he told Hollywood TV.

Dano was injured during the scuffle with Kanye and there are reports he may press charges.

Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX

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    1. Ignore Kanye says:

      People Kanye is bipolar. What the paparazzi should do is never take another picture of him, never talk to him, delete him from their files. They should just think of him as just a regular black man in the world instead of trying to provoke him for money. If he is with Kim or any of the Kardashians ignore them too.

      • Vicky says:

        Please!!! it’s like crack to them, they cannot help themselves, they are rude, money hungry low lives that will do anything for that money shot.

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