I Was Never Told To Hide My Relationship With Mike, Says Michael Vick’s Ex

Posted on July 1st, 2013 at 3:33 pm


 A woman claiming to be an ex of Michael Vick says she was never told to keep her relationship with the disgraced football star a secret.

Bella Escritor is trying to raise money to publish a book about her involvement with Vick through Kickstarter and admits to have a ten year relationship with the 33-year-old NFL quarterback. 

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Although he was seriously dating Kijafa Frink at the time, Escritor claims that she was never pressured to keep her relationship with Vick hidden. "I was never told to remain a secret or hide my relationship with Mike," Escritor says in an email to RumorFix. "In fact Mike gave me memoirs to keep forever that would validate the existence of our relationship. There were many times that our relationship was shown in public. There are many family, friends, and co-workers that have been around for our encounters."

Since news of the book emerged, Escritor has been called a "groupie" and "jump-off" by blogs and various media personalities, but Escritor tells RumorFix the backlash won't stop her from telling her story. "There is a lot more to this story than the uniformed negativity coming from certain blog sites and radio personalities," she said. "I expected the hate.  That will not stop me from telling my story of my decade with Mike."

Reporting by Mara The Hip Hop Socialite

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    1. Kwame k says:

      Great story. Finally a Journalist who is not just a Vick fan.

    2. serious says:

      Who cares he’s married now and may they live happily ever after.

    3. Sam Cook says:

      I live in ATL and this Bella if fine as hell. Girl show them how damn fine you really are so they can stop hating. And I seen her and Mike together a lot.

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