Golden Corral: We Did Not Serve Insect Covered Meat To Our Customers

Posted on July 8th, 2013 at 1:38 pm

gcA 23-year-old Golden Corral steakhouse employee has made quite a name for himself as the whistleblower behind a viral video showing various meats, casseroles and other food items sitting outside near the restaurant's dumpster while an alleged food inspection was taking place.

Brandon Huber's narrated video shows raw hamburger patties on trays, a large bin of raw baby-back ribs and other perishable foots sitting outside in the Florida afternoon heat, next to the restaurant's garbage dumpsters.  The meats are covered in flies and obviously not stored at a temperature safe for later human consumption.  He claims they were moved outside to avoid the food inspectors check of the restaurant.

RumorFix spoke to a manager named John at the Port Orange Golden Corral where the video was shot.  He told us that Brandon is still an employee of the restaurant despite leaking the video, but that the food involved was destroyed within an hour of when he shot the video and that Brandon himself helped dispose of the meat and other items.  When we asked why the meat involved  looked like it had already been prepped and ready to cook we were told that "it's under investigation."  He also couldn't comment on why Brandon would release such a video if he in fact disposed of the food since he was very clear about his concerns in the video that the food was going to be served to customers.

While John told us that Brandon still works for the Golden Corral, the manager on duty at the time the video was taken was terminated for "improper food storage procedures."

Here's the video that Brandon shot.  You might not want to watch it if you're planning on grabbing a burger soon.

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    1. teresa darienzo says:

      Oh my God!! I live right here in Central Florida and I just ate at that Golden Corral just a few weeks ago after my grandkids graduation. I will NEVER eat there again. They can say all they want to to cover their tracks but if that food was intended for the trash all along it would not have been sitting out there in containers and on trays. It would have been put in trash bags and thrown away just like any other garbage. Truly disgusting!!!!

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