Exclusive: Lauri Peterson: I Saw Vicki Gunvalson In Bed With A Man AND A Woman Not Once, But Twice

Posted on July 20th, 2013 at 9:08 am


The Real Housewife of Orange County's Lauri Waring Peterson is o was on the show for the first four seasons, is a lightening rod of controversy.

Her allegations that she saw fellow Housewife Vicki Gunvalson in bed with another man AND another woman -- has sent Vicki into a fury.

And now in an exclusive interview with RumorFix, she says she witnessed this more than once.

"I absolutely did see this," she tells our Real Mr. Housewife. "There wasn’t just one occasion, there were two occasions. One occasion was in San Diego in which the same woman, Vicki, and I were sharing a room. I was on a roll away bed. The other two women were in individual beds. The man came in -- who I know also, as he works in the insurance industry-- all of these are married people. He came in and bounced back and forth between beds. I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep, because I didn’t want to know. I did see them in bed together."

Then she says it happened in New Orleans at an insurance convention. "I was going to spend the night in Vicki’s room," she says. "When I came in to the room I was expecting to be by myself, because I thought everybody was out having fun. When I walked into the room the same three people were in one bed together. Like I said they were under the covers. I don’t know what they were doing. I don’t want to know what they were doing. I did see it. That’s the thing that I will stand by. I won’t speak about anything unless I witnessed it first hand, like Vicki told me about her indiscretions or I actually saw something with my own eyes. Whether I saw a text message or I see something - those are the things that I will speak about. Nothing else.

Lauri does want to point out, "I do not know if they were having sex, because the scene made me feel uncomfortable and it was awkward for me, because all of these people are married."

Vicki has written in her blog, “It’s wrong, filled with lies, unjustifiable, and just plain mean what Lauri has been saying about me."

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    1. Who cares says:

      Is Lauri hurting for money or is her marriage getting boring. Why is she coming back telling old confidential gossip. She is being very messy and why? I can’t tell but it will come out. Everyone knows Vicki is a old wild woman that thinks she’s younger then her daughter. Who cares who she slept with for all we kmow maybe Lauri was going to sleep with her that night and someone beat her.

    2. Guest says:

      Who cares?!! The only fans these old aging women have is themselves and their petty friends. Waste of tv time and my time….booooooring…..

    3. kalen says:

      Laurie’s marriage has crumbled bc she cheated. I guess she feels the need to try to roll someone else under the bus. Vicki and Don are already divorced, who cares? So Vicki likes to get her freak on, who cares? I feel Laurie is pissed over something else or desperately trying to make herself relevant. Laurie barely worked as an insurance agent from what I’ve seen on RHOC, she apparently hit the convention scene regular though. The only mistake Vicki made was trying to help Laurie with a job two divorces ago. Laurie needs to find another husband quick, bc the tabs will only but so many old Vicki stories and her work ethic sucked as an insurance, haha, agent, if you could call it that. Maybe Vicki needs a finger twirler 30 minutes a week and she can hire Laurie again?

    4. Guest says:

      Do people seriously still watch this crap? I don’t get why? Bunch of caddy women with nothing better to do with their lives than gossip and try and fill their low self esteem with silicon and Botox! Hey ladies…turn on CNN….there’s more serious stuff in the world to concentrate on!

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