Bai Ling: ‘I’m Too Sober’ — Exclusive

Posted on July 7th, 2013 at 8:41 am


 Bai Ling is better known for her drunken antics with paparazzi than her acting.

But, at 46, the Wild Wild West actress wants to change that.

At a recent event for AT&T's Live Proud campaign, Bai tells RumorFix exclusively that she's been sober for a year. "I am extremely sober -- too sober," the Chinese born actress says.

The former Celebrity Rehab star adds, "In order form to function as who Bai Ling is supposed to be --  the talented actress -- not crazy Bai Ling as you've seen me -- I have to be sober."

She says her drunken episodes have been caught by paparazzi and amplified giving her a negative image. No more.

The star admits sobriety is challenging, "I did a film in China, it was really really hard. In China you have to drink otherwise they'll think you're mean." But she says she convinced them alcohol gets her sick and was able to drink water on the set.

As for her career, she says it's souring. She's just been offered a leading role in a film based on a Nobel Prize winning novel.

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    1. Udo says:

      I dont think that she ever was an alkoholic. She doesn’t look like that (and never did) – just healthy and amazing.. That was a sort of role she played to be in Celebrity Rehab (you need to have a probem to be there…).. But it came at a high price… Wish her some good movies, she’s so nice and beautiful

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