Amanda Bynes: President Obama And First Lady Michelle Are Ugly

Posted on July 8th, 2013 at 11:07 am

obama1We all know at this point that the number one word in troubled starlet Amanda Bynes' vocabulary is "ugly."  She's used it to call out everyone from Drake to Miley Cyrus.

But has she just let her "ugly" loose on the leader of the free world?

Yep.  Monday morning Amanda tweeted out "Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!"

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We're not sure if she disagrees with the first couple's politics or she genuinely thinks they're unattractive.  Because if that's the case Amanda might want to include Lasik eye surgery to her every growing list of  surgeries she wishes to undergo.

Michelle Obama has appeared on "most beautiful" lists in publications such as People magazine and even Maxim.

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    1. Bryan says:

      Someone toss this lunatic nutbag into a padded cell!!

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