Wendy Williams to Teresa Giudice: Get Off of Reality TV!!

Posted on June 17th, 2013 at 8:01 am


We've all watched Teresa Giudice's children grow up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But as Teresa's four girls start to come into their own, talk show host Wendy Williams is growing concerned and is calling on Giudice to get off of reality TV!

On Sunday's episode of RHONJ, viewers caught yet another glimpse of just how bratty the Giudice daughters have become.

As Wendy watched Gia and Audriana running around the hair salon and talking back to Teresa with terrible attitude, Williams decided enough is enough!

Wendy says the girls are not cute and says, "I don't like to talk about people's kids, but watching Teresa and Joe's daughters running around... mean mugging the camera, and talking sooo disrespectfully to Teresa..." The talk show host has one message for the RHONJ star:

"Teresa, it's time for you to get off of reality TV!"


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    1. just saying says:

      take the K’s with her too.. there just as bad in an adult form.

    2. heyprettigirl says:

      omg… i totally agree. I could not get over how rude and disrespectful Gia was… I literally kept rewinding the DVR..Im not gonna lie. I probably would’ve popped her in her mouth..yeah, i said it…..

    3. nowdisconnected says:

      Getting off of reality TV is not going to change the bratty ways of her girls. Teresa is stupid, entitled, naive, and a drama starter. She is raising her kids to be the same, on or off TV.

    4. embarrassing says:

      Teresa is uneducated, naive, messy, and suffers from codependency. Her kids are only treating her the way her husband treats her. They see and hear him talk to her like she is a trick off the street so they think its okay. Teresa thinks its cute until they turn16 and it gets worse then she’ll try to discipline them but its too late. She really needs to get off of reality TV because her family is making her look ignorant. They all need a good slap on the azz and thats including the parents.

    5. SausgWallit says:

      Wendy is the one who really shouldn’t be on TV, but she does have a point. I think Teresa and Melissa both need to ‘go scratch.’ We saw Melissa’s kids being disrespectful too (“Shut your mouth poopy face”) and I’m totally convinced that she’s acting. Sometimes it even shows through, too. I believe what’s on the famewhoregas website — that Melissa threw herself in front of the camera at every opportunity, and even sent Bravo an audition tape, because she wanted a piece of Teresa’s pie. They wouldn’t cast her until the Gorgas said they had ‘dirt on Teresa and will take her down.’ I believe it, and it’s just getting clearer and clearer. She’s pretty boring so she has to manufacture a lot of the drama we see, and as her storyline gets more convoluted it’s getting harder to keep up the act. Jacqueline’s ‘friend’ who warned her about strippergate beforehand? It was one of the producers. Also, remember that Melissa was tweeting Danielle, whom she didn’t even know, about Teresa not going to her kid’s thing. Another attempt to get camera time. Back to Wendy, though, if you’re going to call these ‘women’ out, might as well be fair and balanced about it. At least the show’s entertaining, though, unlike Wendy Williams bossy ‘get off TV’ ass. Take your own advice, Wendy, nobody watches your piece of crap show… unless the housewives are on it. Careful with that advice, or you just might find yourself cancelled. Kids will be kids, so leave them alone. It’s obvious most of the kids on RHONJ are bratty. Newsflash — they will have to grow up eventually, and their attitudes will change. I hear that Ashley Holmes (Jacqueline’s daughter) is actually a pretty responsible person now. Wendy’s not telling Jacqueline to quit, though, just Teresa. Her, Kathy, and Melissa are pretty boring. Matter of fact, Wendy, how about you just tell the whole cast to quit… or even better, tell the producers to just cancel the show. Or maybe it’s all a clandestine plot — The producer’s probably already have Wendy’s audition tape in hand. Too bad she’s also pretty boring.

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