Taylor Armstrong Flaunts Her Body & Her Love On Her Birthday

Posted on June 11th, 2013 at 2:01 pm


Taylor Armstrong is the happiest she's been in a long time.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is loving life with her new man John Bluher, who she met when he served as her attorney.

Taylor turned 41 on Monday and is looking better than ever, so she and John celebrated the occasion by laying poolside in Los Angeles. And boy did the couple pack on the PDA!

We're happy for you Taylor!



“We’re very happy and he’s a great guy,” Taylor told us exclusively. “We just wanted to ring in my birthday together, something relaxing and that’s what we did. We spent Monday out by the pool, relaxing and soaking up the sun.”

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    1. Rosemary bancroft says:

      She is so shallow and trashy. I feel sorry for her daughter.

    2. On one hand, she’s gained some weight, which is good for her health and her daughter. I just can’t utterly stand this woman though. She’s sickening, from her writing of a book about her deceased husband to flaunting her daughter the book signings to now shacking up with a married man, and she now feels the need to come after Brandi about her dog, but I can remember in Season 1, Shana had a storyline about a dog. Get her off TV and get her off TV fast.

    3. Tre's Felon Forehead says:

      She is disgusting and so is he. Hope she doesn’t make him kill himself too. I feel sorry for his WIFE AND KIDS!!

    4. lieuelle@aol.com says:

      She’s a disgusting grifter. I truly can’t stand this woman. Investigations showed that she worked hand in hand with her deceased husband in fleecing people out of their money. I truly never understood why Bravo even hired such a criminal to be on the show.

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