Tareq Salahi: My Former Manager Owes Me 100K For Press & Appearances

Posted on June 5th, 2013 at 9:04 am


Tareq Salahi, who is running for governor in Virginia, has one last lawsuit from the time he was married to Michaele Salahi to settle.

The man who became famous for allegedly crashing a White House party has been given the green light to sue his former manager, Gina Rodriguez, by the Virginia Supreme Court.

Tareq tells RumorFix that Gina, who also reps Farrah Abraham, owes him about $100,000 for appearances for Celebrity Fight Night and other press and TV events. Tareq claims Gina funneled money to Neal Schon of Journey -- who stole his wife -- instead of sending it his way. And to make things more complicated, Gina was representing, Tareq, Neal and Michaele at the same time -- even though the Salahis were in the middle of a nasty divorce.

Gina tells RumorFix, "He thinks half the money Neal got is his. He is not entitled to anything Neal made. He thinks Michaele got paid money and she didn't make anything. Sadly the only way he an keep his name in the press is to keep filing frivolous lawsuits."

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    1. Emily T says:

      Wait are Michaele and Tareq still together??!!

    2. Samuel Bronkowitz says:

      What a great soap opera….2 whores, an aging rock star, and a tubby grifter. They all deserve themselves

    3. James says:

      The closest he’ll get to government is catching
      his ex-wife “in congress” with a member of an 80’s band.

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