Tamra Barney’s Bachelorette Party — Strippers & Tears

Posted on June 12th, 2013 at 8:39 am


Tamra Barney's bachelorette party in Mexico continues with more drama, strippers and gossip on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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We pick up where we left off last week with Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney and Lydia McLauglin ditching fellow cast mates Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow while they were in the bathroom at the boring dinner party Heather booked, for a night of partying and dancing on top of bars in Puerta Vallarta.


Things quickly get way out of hand as the girls get drunker and Gretchen has a melt down to Heather in the back of the limo (the others so kindly left them while they walked into town). Gretchen is pissed because she spent so much time planning this weekend for her new BFF and bride-to- be Tamra and she feels like jealous Vicki just swooped in the first chance she got to literally kidnap Tamra away from Gretchen.

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The ladies 2 a.m. drunken apologies did nothing to soothe Gretchen and Heather's anger and the next day in another limo ride everyone was engaging in some hung over cat fighting but the real tension was between Gretchen and Vicki who each seem to each be fighting for Tamra's attention like school girls at this point.


When Vicki starts yelling at Gretchen for using the word "hypocritical" wrong, Gretchen fires off with "You're a f**king bitch Vicki!" Somehow, that nasty little fight seemed to blow over and later that day at the pool Gretchen tries again to be happy hostess and gives the ladies each a bag full of goodies (mostly promoting her own line of Gretchen Christine beauty products, but who's really making note of this? Oh right, only Vicki has the nerve to do that).


And another little tiff is under way with Vicki making a snide remark about friendship bracelets, again being jealous of Tamra and Gretchen's friendship. Gretchen storms off into the sand to cry some more and Tamra says this is not the bachelorette party she had hoped for as she runs off into the sand after Gretchen to try and console her. By the last night miraculously everyone was hugs and kisses and bonded over tons of penis-themed toys, dildos, diamond studded whips and the nastiest male strippers you will ever see. They were so violating to the ladies that when they left, Heather was laughingly throwing hand sanitizer and pregnancy tests all around.

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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      Vikki and Gretchen need to figure it out they all act like their in high school it’s pathetic!

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      Side note. Did anyone see how cute Gretchen’s bathing suit was the nude one I was completely obsessed would love to know where she got it from!!!

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