Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi: Salsa Party Madness!

Posted on June 18th, 2013 at 10:37 am

oc2Lydia McLaughlin hosts a salsa party and Lauri Peterson has some devastating gossip to share on this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. The girls are just back from Tamra Barney's crazy bachelorette party in Mexico and of course they are ready for another excuse to party, so Lydia decides to host a sexy salsa dance party and her secret to throwing this thing together is a very expensive party planner who uses diamonds in the flowers and "low carb, low calorie" pineapple mojitos to ensure that all the ladies drink up (although this has never seemed to be a problem for the ladies, low calorie or not!)

The couples love a reason to get dressed in costume, so we see them all arrive in full regalia and the favorite look has to go to Lydia's husband Doug who is in hot pink pants a few sizes too small. Then Tamra and Eddie arrive glowing and looking like sexy, smokey goth dancers and we see former cast mate. And new favorite trouble maker Lauri arrive with her husband George, and Vicki wonders why they are here because her and Lauri have bad blood, but of course Tamra invited Lauri because that is what these women love to do-- invite the enemies of their BFF's behind their backs to every party they get an invite to!
Over cocktails,  Lauri marvels over Lydia's very slim frame and then Slade whispers to Gretchen that he would like to call her "cheeseburger" because she is obviously in need of eating one. Lydia hears this rude comment and gets super pissed and calls Slade out on it as he backs himself into a corner more by trying to rationalize it as a compliment. 
Vicki Gunvalson is still confused about the status of her relationship with on again/off again boyfriend Brooks Ayers so when he walks into the party to surprise her she looks genuinely shocked. After he gives hugs and kisses all around (man this guy is slick) Vicki wants to chat about the status of  their relationship. Ayers tells Gunvalson to "embrace the happiness everyday." And then we see Tamra and Lauri whispering in a corner and Lauri (who I must say adds so much excitement to the show with her mean spirited gossiping) says that apparently Brooks has been "embracing the happiness everyday" with a friend of Lauri's daughter, a young porn star and stripper who according to Lauri ,"gets paid to do some very questionable activities."
The dance instructors arrive and everyone does some very awkward moves, except Eddie Judge who works the room like a Latin pro which causes Tamra to remark in her interview, "He has the skills to pay the f*cking bills!" As everyone is in a lighthearted mood, Lydia feels the need to call Slade out one final time on his insulting weight comment about her earlier which prompts Gretchen to stick up for her man and get into an spat with Lydia.  Overall, Lydia had a fun time at her party while watching everyone let loose, but she feels that Slade needs to learn proper etiquette and not be so concerned with others looks and focus more on Gretchen, whom she deems a "Malibu Beach Barbie"




Reporting by Erika Pressman

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  • 3 Responses

    1. Janny says:

      Obviously there must be some truth about Brooks he seems so scummy to me

      • Victoria McGuire says:

        Exactly, when will Bravo finally kick him off this showk, for that matte Vicki should also leave, she’s the oldest and the most boring and a very drunk alcoholic

    2. MonicaK says:

      Why is it when men cheat his woman “VICKI” goes off on the other woman. The man “Brooks” is the one that violated the relationship. As for the other older women trying to be young I’m glad you had a positive evening out. Lydia stop being so sensitive your becoming annoying.

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