Richie Sambora May Be Back With Bon Jovi In September — Exclusive

Posted on June 29th, 2013 at 6:20 am


Rocker Richie Sambora tells RumorFix exclusively that he and Jon Bon Jovi are "very close" to resolving their issues so that two of America's greatest rockers can be reunited back on stage.

The guitarist has been missing from the band for three months, while they've been touring the world and it was hoped that they would be reunited in time for their huge concert at London's Hyde Park on July 5.

But, Richie tells RumorFix, "That is not true. We're just not happening at the moment. Right now I'm just focusing on the fashion stuff."

Tbe musician has created a sexy women's fashion line with designer Nikki Lund to create Nikki Rich. We caught up with the rock star at Genlux magazine's party to celebrate their Summer issue on Friday at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills.

"I love my fans, I love the band. Jon and I have been relying on each other for like 30 years now -- Hey things are going to work out," he told us.

Richie took the high road and wouldn't reveal details of his dispute with Jon, adding, "Family issues are family issues -- the band is like a family and there's not reason for me to say anything.

In April, Jon told Ellen DeGeneres, "He's absolutely still a member of the band."

When we asked for Richie's reaction, he said, "If I'm not somebody should look at the writing credits and the producing credits on the last 14 albums -- so if I'm not part of the band -- surprise to me."

While the dispute rages on, the 53-year-old is enjoying being a full-time dad to his 15-year-old daughter, Ava, from his marriage to Heather Locklear.

"I'm taking my daughter on Sunday to Rome and Paris and we're going to hang out. I'm going to show her the world a little bit."

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    1. Unknown says:

      I hope Richie quit the band, the band sucks after These Days until now…

    2. Dani Ela Stephanie-Rose says:

      I hope Richie will be back on stage with the band, I misssed him on stage 🙁
      I still love the band and BON JOVI are Jon, David, Tico AND Richie !!!!!!!

    3. Jean Heath says:

      SMDH! Have mercy what all I would love to say, but trying…… Sambo, love you but wake up. Jon too for that matter. Solo or together I don’t really care anymore but sick and tired of some of the other things that is in my opinion hurting his image so bad. Not just fashion either.

    4. Jean Heath says:

      PS, he was up before 7am LA time tweeting that the interview was his hopes> Sounds like a bit of interview remourse there.

      • Rumor Fix says:

        I think Richie doesn’t want to offend Jon or the other band members — he’s very respectful.

      • phin13 says:

        Interview remorse? What on earth would he have to be remorseful about? Sounded pretty open, honest and respectful to me… unlike what we’re seeing from the other side.

      • Jean Heath says:

        Get real, not an insult to regret saying something or how it may have came across and want to fix it. People have gotten way over sensitive to any remark. Gottagetalife!

    5. bonjoverichfan says:

      There is NO Bon Jovi without Richie. Nikki is beautiful, is she is girlfriend? I love the style

    6. EndH8 says:

      His last comment says it all for me. Everyone talks about Richie-the-guitarist, but the whole Bon Jovi sound is off without Richie’s vocals and as qualified as PhilX is to play the same notes and riffs, he didn’t write them and you can FEEL that when you’re sitting there in concert. BonJovi IS the synergy created with Jon & Richie

    7. rsfan77 says:

      I’m a big fan of Richie’s music, both as a solo artist and with Bon Jovi. I can’t bring myself to watch the YouTube videos of the shows where Phil X is taking Richie’s place. Nothing against Phil X, but those are Richie’s songs, and for more than a generation, the magic between Richie and Jon has defined Bon Jovi in my opinion. Richie’s singing and playing is so incredibly soulful and it can’t be duplicated. I hope Jon appreciates that; in the past, he’s said very complimentary things about Richie’s talent.

    8. toga says:

      i am so glad richie is gone, I am so sick and tired of hearing he will be back and then doesn’t show up. He gets what he deserves a kick in the butt. What a waist of 30 years gone down the drain. He is dating Denise Richards.

    9. dennis says:

      I used to have a drink before,I ended with a beer,Reginald.
      oh yes I’m still here.
      I also stopped going to discos
      stay home there’s nowhere to go. Dennis from Perth.

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