Paris Jackson Should Live With Debbie Rowe If She Wants, Cousin Says

Posted on June 13th, 2013 at 5:49 pm


Even after Paris Jackson's alleged pill overdose, her family -- including her cousin, Tanay Jackson, stand by her side with encouraging words.

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Tito Jackson's daughter, Tanay, told E! News Paris should do what makes her happy, even if that means living with her mother Debbie Rowe. "If it's better for her emotional stability I think that she should go with her mom if that's best for her," she says.

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Tanay says Paris always does what she feels in her heart is right, however she believes Paris is not happy in her living situation with her grandmother Katherine Jackson.

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"It can be tough, I bump heads with a few people on my dad's side of the family. It's just not easy to communicate, it's just not easy to have them understand." 

We agree with Tanay, Paris should do what makes her happy!

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    1. Heidijo123 says:

      Kudos’ to Tanay for speaking up for Paris & saying what she feels. Imagine she’ll take some slack from the family for doing so but you got to give her props’ for being own person…… Further, I happen to agree with her on this one…..

    2. danibelle1964 says:

      as long as Debbie is a good influence…

    3. Pegge E Merkling says:

      To bad Tanay is not a true member of the Jackson family. It’s been proven by DNA testing that she’s a pretender, a fraud. She’s never met Paris or Katherine Jackson, which makes her comments above have no factual merit. Tanay, if you truly do care for the Jackson’s, than leave them alone. They’ve had enough sadness and drama in their family without the addition of your lies and unwelcome ‘family advice’. If your goal is to be a singer, dancer and performer than gain your success on your own merit and stop trying to build it off the successes of the Jackson’s.

      As for Paris, she’s had a very difficult time in her young life. The loss of a parent is very hard, especially for one so young. My advice for Paris i to be to always follow your dreams and your heart. As for family, you’re very lucky to have such a large loving family. Lean on them when your in need of strength, let them shower you with love until you feel solid again. I’m sure you have many fabulous adventures awaiting you.

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