Miley Cyrus Releases Shocking “We Can’t Stop” Video

Posted on June 19th, 2013 at 10:31 am

Miley Cyrus just released her music video for "We Can't Stop" -- and we are speechless.

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The former Disney star shocks viewers with a number of super revealing wardrobe changes for the super crazy clip. The video features Miley and a group of friends appearing as if they're high, french kissing mannequins, slapping each other's private areas, and loads of twerking of course.

This is a must watch.

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    1. Miley's Camel Toe says:

      She looks like she’s trying to hard to be sexy.

    2. Lizzi says:

      I’m so uncomfortable watching this!

    3. Shane says:

      Does she really think she has a azz? Nice song, but the video is way out there. I don’t know what to say.

    4. Richey Rich says:

      and you are shocked why?? its not like were talking about selena gomez or something..this girl has been acting out the day she left disney

    5. mell says:

      AS she said she can do what she wants….If you don’t like her Why waste your time watching the video…If you only watched it to judge her shame on you…..she has been a ”role model” since she was a kid and I think it’s fair to sometimes just break free and instead of trying to please everyone be who she wants to be…She not on disney anymore….I like the video and what she saying….

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