Liberace Movie Gets Picked Up In England, France & Japan — Exclusive

Posted on June 3rd, 2013 at 6:05 pm


It was difficult for the producers of Behind the Candelabra to get the film made and distributed in America -- so HBO rescued them.

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Now after being the most successful film on the premium channel since 2004, the movie is getting foreign distribution with no problem and it's going to be shown in movie theaters -- not on TV!

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Scott Thorson, who was Liberace's lover on and off for 17 years, revealed the news to the Don Geronimo Show.

He said the movie, which is based on his book, "was great -- it's absolutely amazing, the success of this film." Anyone who has heard Liberace speak will be stunned by how similar their voices are.

Scott says the movie has been picked up by every major country including England, France, Hong Kong and Japan.

"The movie is very accurate," he says, "they went by the book."

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