Justin Bieber Survelliance Video May Prove His Innocence

Posted on June 13th, 2013 at 5:28 pm


A five minute video trained on Justin Bieber's drive way may prove his innocence in a reckless driving case, RumorFix is reporting.

LA County Sheriff's Department Spokesman Steve Whitmore tells RumorFix that deputies have a video that shows rapper Tyler the Creator driving Justin's Ferrari on May 27 when neighbors complained of the pop star racing through their quiet Calabasas neighborhood.

The video shows Tyler pulling into Justin's driveway and Justin following him on his motorcycle. Justin then got in the car and backed it into his driveway. It's at that time that former football player Keyshawn Johnson -- one of Justin's neighbors -- saw the teen idol and confronted him.

But, that doesn't necessarily mean Justin is off the hook, Whitmore tells us, "We have an eyewitness [other than Keyshawn] who saw Justin driving the car."

The case is expected to go to the District Attorney's office soon -- and they will decide whether to file charges.

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    1. nowdisconnected says:

      Diaper boy is still accused of speeding through his hood and spitting in the neighbor’s face on a previous occasion. He’s still in trouble for lots of other things right now. This might be the ONE things he’s innocent of. PUNK

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