Justin Bieber Has A Supporter In Miss Canada Beauty Queen

Posted on June 2nd, 2013 at 6:00 am

bJustin Bieber's fans are dropping like flies these days after all his run-in's with the law and douchey behavior.

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Even fellow Canadians are starting to lift an eyebrow at the Biebs. Former Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz, called the pop singer "a bit of a douche" on camera in March, which says a lot considering the beauty queen is one of Canada's biggest role models.

The little guy just can't seem to catch a break these days. But fortunately for him, this years third runner up for Miss Universe Canada has got Bieber's back.

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Denise Garrido, who was crowned winner of Miss Universe Canada f0r 24 hours until judges realized they made a mistake, dishes exclusively to RumorFix about her thoughts on the Canadian teen idol. "Honestly I don’t know the names of songs," Garrido reveals, "but he’s got some great music and I’m proud being Canadian that he’s known internationally. And that I applaud him for and giving Canada a wonderful name and he’s a wonderful musician."

Garrido says of Justin's rebellious behavior, "We have these times where we go through this adrenaline rush and we want to take these risks and do these things that are not quite legal sometimes, but he’s a human and I cannot be judgmental because I'm not a perfect person either."

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