Joe Francis: Why He Puts Naked Girls On Video But Is Upset Over His Sex Tape

Posted on June 5th, 2013 at 10:02 am


Joe Francis, the founder of Girls Gone Wild, is upset that his sex tape was stolen and is being shopped around.

If that sounds odd to you -- it did to us too.

So RumorFix asked him, "You put naked girls on tape all the time, why would you be mad about this?"

His answer:

"This video was on my girlfriend's iPad and it was stolen. Girls Gone Wild were willing participants. This was a private tape my girlfriend and I made in my bedroom. She didn't consent to anything being released. It's stolen property"

By the way, Joe says, "There are less people who don't have naked pictures or sex tapes on their iPads than do."

Would Joe ever release a sex tape?

"Although I think we're really good at it and we like to do it a lot -- we see no reason in releasing a tape for anyone," he told us.

We found the timing of the sex tape interesting as well. Just a week before the launch of his new VH1 show Couples Therapy. Does anyone remember that Paris Hilton's sex tape was released right before The Simple Life?

Joe tells us, "We want publicity -- but not this kind!"

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    1. nowdisconnected says:

      He’s pure trash.

    2. Funny says:

      He’s in the same circle as Paris and Kim. He probably leaked it himself.

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