Farrah Abraham Slams Nik Richie And The Dirty

Posted on June 6th, 2013 at 2:54 pm


Teen Mom turned porn sensation Farrah Abraham has read a copy of Nik Richie's new memoir ... and she doesn't think very highly of it.

Farrah tells RumorFix that after reading Sex, Lies and the Dirty that The Dirty.com's founder "shares his experience of the male celebrity lifestyle, the value of sharing is good for those who crave to be a celebrity so they learn not to go through the same cycle as 'Nik Richie' has, I also think Nik Richie should reread his book from time to time to remember what he has learned."

PICTURES: Screen Grabs From Farrah's Video

She went on to add, "trying to break people is low and trying to be touchy feely is sleezy, The Dirty is in the past, I look forward to seeing professional Hooman, that's the real celebrity." 

Hooman is Nik's real name and it looks like he has a hot book on his hands.

Amazon.com customers have so far given it nearly four and a half our of five stars and most called it a very entertaining read.

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    1. K says:

      Wow! She’s one to talk! What a piece of work she is! Farrah, start by looking in the mirror.

      • Mary Ann Redfern says:

        I don’t know the woman, but she makes some very valid points about Hooman Abedi Karamian. He is suffering from a delusion that he is a “star”. There are very few real stars nowadays–just hangers on looking for some fast cash and publicity. Hooman, as evidenced by his site, TheDirty–(apt name btw) has the lack of respect and even the outright contempt for women propagated, encouraged, even legalized in his country of origin.

        Also, as a side issue, people who tell other people to look in the mirror disgust me. Look in your own mirror K (when you stab people, at least show them the courtesy of using your own name). It’s not popular to quote scripture, but the Bible is an oft quoted book so hear goes, paraphrased: before you try to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye, first remove the plank from your own eye, then you can see well enough to remove the cinder from your brother’s eye.

    2. Mary Ann Redfern says:

      Window peepers DO get a kick out of this type of trashy book. That’s what window peepers do.

    3. Deep Space says:

      Farrah’s Sloppy Vagina


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