Deion Sanders & Pilar Sanders Finally Divorced — Exclusive

Posted on June 28th, 2013 at 12:24 pm


The nastiest celebrity divorce in recent history is finally over, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

Now NFL legend Deion Sanders and model Pilar Sanders are no longer husband and wife.

The big holdup was the prenup, which Pilar's team was trying to prove was invalid, but eventually the judge sided with Deion.

After a two-year long battle, the football announcer got custody of all the children and Pilar had to pay her own legal fees.

But as part of her agreement, she will get a $100,000 signing bonus plus $1 million that was guaranteed in her prenup.

Deion's advice to others: "Men Listen closely! Don't choose a woman with your Flesh choose her with your Spirit & Heart. Yo flesh will Lie until yo flesh die."

Deion is reportedly worth $250 million.

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    1. Disappointed says:

      Wow! I thought they were the perfect couple. Two beautiful people that end up in one of the most nastiest divorces. Good luck to you both and next time don’t just look at the outside of the book read the pagest. Also, when you go after a person for money you tend to sale your sole for the paper.

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